RSO PhoenixTears – LIT Holistic Oil

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LIT Holistic Oil is a plant based medicinal oil, hand crafted in small batches and lab tested. We work with trusted partners in sourcing our products in British Columbia to ensure the purest quality. Our Medicinal Oils are all lab tested with batch numbers and result with every syringe purchased.

There are many ways to ingest this oil; orally, vaporizing, topically and by suppository. By ingesting the product by suppository you are able to avoid the side effects of the THC and have the oil go directly into the blood stream by passing the liver.

Should drowsiness occur, listen to your body and rest, the medicinal oil is having its desired effect.

We take great pride in sharing this product with others and it is our hope that this oil offers relief and a sense of well being. “BE LIT FROM WITHIN”

“I was diagnosed in 2017 with “IPMN” an excruciatingly painful disease. A series of diagnostic tests found 4 cysts blocking my bile ducts. Living on pharmaceutical painkillers and anti-nausea drugs daily with no options for surgery left me in a hellish state. I found out about this oil from a holistic healer and two days after starting the suppositories, (equivalent of 1 grain of rice3x/day), I literally felt life energy pouring into my body. My appetite returned the pain disappeared and I stopped the pain killers and anti-nausea drugs. Most recent scans indicate that I have two extremely small cysts (one almost undetectable). I am living a full and healthy life thanks to LIT Holisitic Oils. ” – AMW

1ml Syringe of cannabis oil